Product Recommendation Tools for eCommerce

It’s no secret that delivering well-timed product recommendations will improve CX and boost revenue. But, to do so, marketers need to juggle resource constraints, data, business guardrails, merchandising needs, and so on.

Monetate Product Recommendations provides a combination of scalability alongside best-in-class algorithms backed by a powerful machine learning engine to serve individualized recommendations while making it easy to layer on merchandising rules.

Product Recommendation Tools for eCommerce

50% More Clicks

Monetate helped Helly Hansen get 50% more clicks from recommendations

15+ Years

Experience in the personalization space


Delight Shoppers & Deliver Results

Whether you want to sell a unified outfit, curate the perfect sound system, or deliver the most optimal upsell product at the perfect moment, recommendations are a proven way to increase average order value.

Help Your Audiences

Enable your customers or clients to find what they’re looking for fast, and without friction, to improve loyalty and conversion rates.


Maximize the Performance of Your Channels

Don’t leave money on the table with nonexistent or ineffective recommendations. Relevant recommendations are proven to dramatically improve key metrics.


Move Your Inventory More Effectively

Start easily merchandising your inventory across your channels to respond to market needs or inventory levels such as over, or understocked items.


Key Features

  • Empower the entire team to analyze experiences in real-time with marketer and merchandiser-friendly intuitive dashboards.
  • Deploy individualized adaptive recommendations based on everything you and Monetate know about each customer.
  • Leverage a full suite of testing & targeting rules with AB/ABn/MVT and Dynamic Testing and 150+ OOTB targeting criteria.
  • Quickly boost and bury SKUs based on specific product attributes, like profit margin, price, new product line, and more.
  • Create curated product collections through slot-level control within product recommendations.
  • Push recommendations across all your channels — in-store, online, via email, in the call center, and on mobile apps for a consistent brand experience


Serve Precious & Powerful Recommendations

  • We’ve pulled together best-in-class, complementary capabilities from Certona and Monetate into a single enterprise marketing and merchandising platform.
  • Monetate’s unique architecture impacts site load speed 300-500x less than competitors on average so that you can test at scale without repercussions.
  • Our Professional Services Team gives 30-60-90-day action plans to ensure you get value quickly from Monetate Personalization and learn how to best analyze your audiences to create impactful personalized experiences.
  • Monetate has over 1,000+ clients and 15+ years of experience in the personalization space.


Helly Hansen saw 28% increase in RPS in the men’s section of the site with slotted recommendations

The Monetate team has been exceptional at bubbling up ideas, troubleshooting and taking us through implementing new concepts. There is continual innovation, so we always get the newest, freshest things to try on the site. It’s been great to work with them.” Mattie Blevens eCommerce Merchandising Manager

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