Personalized Search Tools for eCommerce

Personalized Search combines Certona’s patented search methods, with Monetate’s easy-to-use, powerful testing and personalization platform. This unparalleled set of search tools allows users to deliver search results that are based on all of the data that you have on each site visitor.

Offer hyper-relevant search and discovery experiences for each shopper through a combination of keyword data, customer profiles, and business rules. Enhance customer engagement by personalizing the search experience for every one of your customers. 

Personalized Search Tools for eCommerce

2X Higher Conversion Rate

For site visitors interacting with Product Finder

15+ Years

Experience in the personalization space


Enhance the Discovery Experience by Personalizing Results

Dramatically improve search, and the broader customer experience by leveraging in-session behavioral data through to any 1st- or 3rd-party data that you feed in while customizing to suit your own business guardrails.

Improve Touchpoints Based on AI

Clicks and multiple data points increase the intelligence within Monetate's decisioning engine to calculate the best results and to feed into other experiences and touchpoints.

Enhance CX with Advanced Tuning

Our search optimization interface allows you to easily adjust levers to fine-tune results to align with business guardrails.

Meet Mobile-First Demand

Search through mobile devices continues to rise and Monetate Search has been designed to be mobile-first.


A Suite of Powerful Search Tools

  • Predictive Visual Search displays instant visual results, based on behavioral outcomes as visitors type partial for full search terms. You have the flexibility to style using CSS and choose from several different templates. It can also suggest terms, categories, and products and seamlessly integrates with product recommendations.
  • Personalized Category Pages can dynamically sort the product grid on category or sub-category pages for each visitor by analyzing in-session behavior to predict intent. Users can refine results with size, color, or other facets for a category. You can also boost and bury products to support campaigns and priorities.
  • Site Search enables users to deliver hyper-relevant results by personalizing the search experience for each visitor. The easy-to-use yet powerful feature understands typos and synonyms alongside providing insightful reporting, and rich customer data to feed into your wider personalization program.
  • Product Finder and Gift Finders engage shoppers by asking questions, capturing explicit insights, and then helping narrow down options to those that best fit their needs, all based on their answers, preferences, and Monetate’s patented search and predictive personalization technology.


Deliver Relevancy & Maximize Results

  • We’ve pulled together best-in-class, complementary capabilities from Certona and Monetate into a single enterprise marketing and merchandising platform.
  • Monetate’s unique architecture impacts site load speed 300-500x less than competitors on average so that you can test at scale without repercussions.
  • Our Professional Services Team gives 30-60-90-day action plans to ensure you get value quickly from Monetate Personalization and learn how to best launch targeted 1-to-1 Personalization experiences.
  • Monetate has over 1,000+ clients and 15+ years of experience in the personalization space.


Product Finder Results in Up to a 25% Clickthrough Conversion Rate

A leading skincare brand used Monetate Product Finder to help shoppers navigate a large catalog and to add a key level of engagement to the shopping experience. The Skincare Finder assists shoppers by displaying skin care products based on the finder’s answers.