The confidence of data-backed decisions through testing and optimization

Eliminate guesswork and boost ROI with controlled testing of creative, recommendations, messages, UI changes, and more. Launch experiments quickly with A/B, multivariate, and dynamic testing — across all your channels with no coding skills required.

The confidence of data-backed decisions through testing and optimization

Measure, visualize, test, and optimize

Choose which metrics to optimize against, and track the impact of your tests in real time. Monetate’s analytics are purpose-built to penetrate the entire spectrum of optimization, from immediate impact on conversion rates to the gradual growth of customer lifetime value. Our a/b testing tools can help you make smarter decisions faster.

Omnichannel A/B testing for smarter optimization

Monetate makes it easy to A/B test anywhere across your digital properties. Experiment throughout the customer journey to understand what resonates, so you can optimize every step of the way.

Omnichannel A/B testing for smarter optimization

Flexible implementation that puts you in control

Monetate’s modern architecture deploys easily in all environments, including client-side (browser), server-side, and single-page applications. Monetate’s decisioning engine can connect to any channel via API or integration to push out real-time actions, alongside advanced strategies to reduce or eliminate flicker. All with an emphasis on quick time-to-value, enabled by our best-in-class customer success team.

Reduce risk with dynamic testing

Advanced dynamic testing monitors experience results in real time and automatically allocates more traffic to the winner. No waiting to reach significance; no resource-intensive manual monitoring. Test new messages and incremental changes with less risk, using automation to adjust variant distribution and downplay low-performers.

Reduce risk with dynamic testing

Scale experimentation with multivariate testing

Automate even the most complex multivariate testing to learn how customers respond to simultaneous changes across multiple dimensions. Uncover the preference patterns that drive success.

Office Depot

Program Manager, Personalization

"Monetate is the only company that allows us to deploy testing and targeting across platforms and channels in addition to one-to-one personalization."


Head of Product

"[Monetate] gave us a huge amount of confidence to actually drive bigger, more complex, and deeper experiences; even multi-page experiences that we never would have been able to execute before without flicker or delay on big imagery changes."

Graham & Brown

Customer Journey Executive

"If you’re investing in personalisation and testing, you need a powerful platform to help you get the most out of what you are doing. Monetate does that and helps us lead the market, not just follow it."