Case Study

JoJo Maman Bébé use AI to increase Conversion by 25%

A Monetate customer since 2017, JoJo Maman Bébé has evolved their use of the platform from A/B testing to true personalization as their footprint has expanded across the globe. During the holiday shopping season, the brand leveraged AI to deal with rapidly changing consumer intent and an influx of new, unknown visitors to their sites.

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The Results
  • Increase in homepage engagement by 124 %
  • Uplift in conversion by 25%
  • Increase in new visitor conversion by 25%

Step One: Testing What Works for Jojo’s Segments

JoJo Maman Bébé’s first projects with Monetate revolved around A/B testing and making fast tweaks to content and messaging.
They began by focusing on testing what content would positively drive results with their different customer groups; for example, new visitors. The retailer knew that customers who had never shopped at JoJo Maman Bébé before would search terms like “maternity wear”, so they tested offering promotional incentives like discounts off the first shop for these visitors. They immediately saw a 9% uplift in new visitor conversion.

"Monetate has been instrumental in ensuring that we’re only promoting in-store if the user is located within an appropriate distance."

Laurin Senior eCommerce Website Manager
JoJo Maman Bébé

A constant priority for JoJo is driving traffic to their stores for specific promotional events or for new store openings, making localized promotions key to their success. If a site visitor is within a certain radius of a soon-to-be-open store, they will push a lightbox to collect their email and offer to notify them when the store opens.

Step Two: Starting the Holiday Season Strong Across Global Regions

JoJo opened their first US stores in 2018 and were faced with a market of larger geographical size and a limited understanding of their expanded customer base.
They used Monetate’s out-of-the-box targeting to deliver localized experiences across the country but came across an obstacle on their mission to deliver relevancy to this new customer base. JoJo had limited insights around customer intent, a complication faced by many brands that is amplified during the holiday season with so many new visitors arriving at the site.

They designed an Individual Fit Experience (AI-Powered, 1-to-1 Personalization) to offer different promotions to each customer. The goal was to deliver maximum ROI during this key period whilst also gathering key insights about their US customer base. They created content suited to key customer groups, with messaging and imagery tailored to either maternity sale shoppers or baby sale shoppers.
The Monetate platform pulled from a wide variety of data including screen size, day of the week, population density, local weather forecasting, and new customer status to determine which creative asset should be displayed to each visitor.
The experience delivered a huge 124% increase in homepage engagement and a 7% decrease in bounce rate.

"In these situations where the segments are quite loosely defined and constantly evolving, both A/B testing and rulesbased personalization can have their limitations. That’s why we’ve explored 1:1 Personalization."

Natalie Ong Online Merchandiser
JoJo Maman Bébé

Step Three: Heightening the Strength of AI With LTV Data

JoJo Maman Bébé wanted to deliver a consistent online experience to visitors based on a customer’s interaction with the brand on other touchpoints, including email. They were initially using only in-session and behavioral data to feed into Monetate’s Personalization Engine. To add an additional layer of insight, they also fed in their own CRM data. JoJo have a pool of rich Lifetime Value (LTV) data that they have captured from their customers’ interactions with the brand across channels. Gathering this has enabled them to understand their core segments (and the LTV of each customer), but it had previously been impossible for them to act on the intent of each customer in real-time.

With the constant need to include so many different variants, Monetate helped the brand use AI-driven, 1-to-1 personalized experiences to make personalization scalable. They worked with five different creative assets (6 including the baseline), each designed to appeal to JoJo’s different customer groups. Monetate’s AI technology decided which variant would take priority in the main section of the homepage based on everything known about each site visitor.

This campaign also took advantage of a wide variety of additional data inputs including weather, screen size, and customer status. The objective was to create a highly personalized homepage experience that quickly moved customers to the section of the site that mattered most for them at that time.moved customers to the section of the site that mattered most for them at that time. JoJo saw a 60% increase in homepage interaction and a 25% increase in overall conversion. What’s more, new customer conversion rates increased by 25%.

"We play in three separate markets—Maternity, baby, and kids—but there’s a huge overlap between these segments. It is hard to define who our customer is because maternity customers will likely be thinking ahead and looking at babywear, but they may also have kids already, so they’ll be interested in the childrenswear category too"

Laurin Senior eCommerce Website Manager
JoJo Maman Bébé

Building on the insight that feeding richer-context into Monetate’s decisioning engine delivers results, next-up, JoJo are going to ingest more customer data into the Individual Fit Experiences to further tailor the experiences they’re delivering to customers

Conclusion: From Testing to 1:1

In the end, the brand, with a fairly modest sized team, experienced an impressive trajectory from basic A/B testing to 1:1 Personalization. The goal for JoJo is to always deliver the best possible experience to each visitor— sometimes this means testing the experience for all visitors or for a particular segment, other times it requires leaning on AI to deliver 1:1 personalization. What is key for JoJo Maman Bébé is having the flexibility to choose which type of experience to deliver to their customers at any given time.

"Not only did we see significant uplifts in conversion and engagement, but we also gained useful customer insights that will inform our decision making in future campaigns."

Natalie Ong Online Merchandiser
JoJo Maman Bébé